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About Us

Tanner Handyman is a general contracting business offering residential services in South El Monte. We have years of experience in offering door installation and repair, plumbing, electrical, paint jobs and home repairs to thousands of customers around South El Monte and the environs. At Tanner Handyman, we handle seemingly old jobs, small jobs and the larger jobs for which you might not have DIY skills or time to complete. We are dedicated to providing the expertise, the efficiency, and reliability for all honey-do tasks.
At Tanner Handyman, we guarantee our customers 100% superior customer service. We are fully-fledged service providers and we shall always offer straight forward pricing for our customers. This guarantees you that you will not pay for any hidden charges.

Contact Tanner Handyman for seasonal home maintenance, when preparing your home for sale, preparing your home for move in, and much more.



Here is an overview of the services that we provide.

Home Repair Services

For all your home repair requirements, contact Tanner Handyman. We shall give your home a complete makeover and remove all visible defects. Whether you are getting ready to move into a newly acquired home or you want to sell your home, Tanner Handyman provides you the best services. Our highly skilled technicians will assist you in making the right decisions for all the home repair services. Call us for replacement of home fittings and furniture.


Painting services

Tanner Handyman will take care of your painting needs in South El Monte. With years of experience providing painting services, we pride ourselves a world class painting expertise and our work backed by a quality guarantee. Come to Tanner Handyman for first-class advice when painting or repainting your home. We offer paint color consulting to ensure that your walls will have a quality finish. For exterior and interior painting, contact Tanner Handyman. Our service providers will ensure top quality painting services. We offer same day painting quotes.

Door Installation / Repairs

Tanner Handyman provides bespoke door installation and repair services. we shall install, fit and repair any type of doors in South El Monte area. Being one of the fastest growing door installation and repair service providers, Tanner Handyman has several years of experience offering the maintenance contracts. At Tanner Handyman, we provide qualified and reliable front door fitting. We ensure superior quality for all door installation contracts with our door repair experts possessing the best skills for providing state of the art services. Contact Tanner Handyman today for South El Monte door installation and repair services.



For all electrical services, contact Tanner Handyman. We provide best quality electrical installations while making sure that we meet the industry standards. At Tanner Handyman, our electricians are licensed and insured. In addition, we source electricians from the best and most experienced electrical service providers. We believe in providing our customers not just well trained electricians, we also ensure that our electricians are friendly to our customers. We use the latest and most precise electrical installation technology. Tanner Handyman offers a wide range of electrical services including electrical panel installation, installation of the outlet units, wiring and electrical remodeling among other services.

Plumbing Handyman

Tanner Handyman is South El Montes leading plumbing contractor. We specialize in residential plumbing services and handle all the major and seemingly smaller tasks. Therefore, from unblocking your toilet, the apartment drainage system or simply fixing a replacement sink, contact Tanner Handyman. Our service providers are drawn from a large pool of qualified South el Monte technicians. We remain the professional plumbers and shall ensure the integrity of your drainage system. Therefore, in case of leaking taps, faulty bathtubs to fixation of the hot water system South El Monte, Call us today. We ensure that all our services pass the quality assurance standards, and delivered within reasonable periods. Our skill set and advanced plumbing equipment set us apart from the other plumbing companies. For every task, we shall ensure we deliver to the highest standards and within the budget.


Tanner Handyman deliver the best services and at an affordable rate.